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Image by Carrie Beth Williams

Who We Are

We are a family-run business in love with the small town of Galena, Illinois we call home and all it has to offer. With an understanding of how many others who visit and live there feel the same, we wanted to find a way to help other embrace the Basket Case feeling and lifestyle.


We're not stopping at Galena. As a husband and wife team who love to explore new places with their young daughter, son and four-legged Buddy, we know there are many more products to share, stories to tell, and small businesses to feature. That is why we are making Basket Case a nationwide effort to help people shop like a local even if they are not always a local. 

the story

While shopping, or rather running around like a basket case, for the products Christine envisioned for her bridesmaid's gift boxes one week before their wedding, the idea struck her. She could not be the only person who enjoyed giving unique items presented in a memorable way. The birth of her second child in May 2020, a pandemic, and extra time at home allowed her and husband, Kyle, what was needed to convince them now was the time to embrace Basket Case. 

Meet The Team

We are the Melaas family. The four of us navigating the adventures life brings our way as we work tirelessly to deliver you the very best packages and products.


Christine Melaas holding son, Henry. Kyle Melaas holding daughter Clara.

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