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Build Your Own Basket

You can build your own gift basket! Browse our packaging and product selection, click Build My Basket to fill out the order form and we'll contact you in less than 24 hours to complete your order and confirm the purchase.



We have four packaging options available. Choose from our white or kraft color, small or large cardstock baskets. Each basket will have have floral or greenery décor added as a finishing touch with elegant filler cushioning and surrounds your chosen products. 

Final pricing on all baskets will include shipping.

Small Baskets $3

Large Baskets $5



For small baskets please select up to 6 items. Large baskets please select up to 8 items. When we process your order, we will let you know if we have any suggestions or needed changes basked on packaging size. More items being added monthly!



Once we receive your order, we email you an order confirmation. Shipping will be calculated and added to your final total. Once payment is complete, your basket will ship the next day for 3-5 day UPS ground delivery.

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