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Galena Roasters Know How to Make Your Cup Half Full

For all you avid coffee drinkers out there, close your eyes for a second. Envision your hands wrapped around your favorite coffee mug getting warmed by the morning's first cup of hot coffee. As you bring the cup to your lips to take the first sip your nose is filled with satisfying scents teasing your taste buds. As you drink it in your mind and body experience a sense of calm knowing for as long as you have this beverage to enjoy, all is right with the world. Okay, open your eyes. Have

you already made your way to the coffee maker? If not, then I suggest that you head downtown Galena to Galena Roasters (or make a plan to next time you're in town) for delicious coffee blends.

Earl Thompson, owner and the man behind each coffee you sip on at Galena Roasters, has taken his passion for the coffee roasting process and turned it into two successful businesses. When you speak to Earl about his coffee blends or coffee in general, you can hear the genuine excitement he has in each step of creating each new coffee profile. Not only does he deliver an enjoyable coffee-drinking experience to each customer, he also presents top-quality products.

Galena Roasters has been a wonderful addition to our list of Basket Case Partners for quite a few reasons. Not only do we get to include several of their coffee blends in our gift baskets, we now have our very own Basket Case coffee roasted by them, Crepe De Chine. The process of creating our own coffee was a dream come true for myself as I fell in love with coffee as a teenage barista working at Railway Café, what is now Otto's Place. One of the many aspects we love about

Galena Roasters is that it offers experiences from a coffee cupping to sipping on the end product at home or in their coffee shop on Main Street in Galena. Each coffee blend has its own story of how it came to be and Earl is able to explain each selection to you.

There is a variety of fantastic coffee shops in Galena, all of which offer their own unique experiences and flavors to share with customers. Galena Roasters has made its way onto this list and we believe it is there to stay! We'd like to thank Earl for being one of our very first Basket Case Partners and for keeping our cups half full along our new journey. Next time you have time for a coffee break or are strolling downtown Galena, pop over to Galena Roasters Coffee Shop or look up the roastery above the Grateful Gourmet Co.. You will not be disappointed!



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