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Noteworthy Gift Baskets

Last year brought us new Basket Case customers each with their own reason to send a gift basket full of small business goods! With the new year in full swing we are getting ready to launch our newest products just in time for the month of love and springing into a new season. Before we share all we've been working on, it's a great time to pause and reflect back on what we did in 2022. Customers came to us from near and far, people we've known and new introductions, to help them curate a gift basket for people in their lives. After scrolling through our own library of photos, we've pulled a few of our favorites. They may just inspire you to build a basket for someone you know too!

Katie Wyscarver reached out hoping to created a gift basket from herself and colleagues for their boss on her birthday. She's visited Galena over the years and wanted to share a piece of this town she enjoys so much with someone who hasn't had the opportunity to do so yet. To build this gift basket Katie sent us a few tidbits of information about her boss like her love of tea and candles. We took what we knew and built a Basket Case worthy of a birthday girl!

Our newest rental property partner came to us in 2022, The Edward Galena. Through an Instagram connection, Christine and Kayla Hubanks, one of the owners, worked together to create a gift basket offering for each new guest to their property. This has been such a fun partnership to have. We've not only created gift baskets for their guests, but Kayla and her husband to enjoy as well! The Basket Case in the photo was created with the help of our entire family for a family staying at The Edward for the month of October. From one family to another, it was a delight to curate.

We started our busiest month of Basket Case yet by delivering 65 custom gift baskets to Midwest Medical Center in Galena, IL. These were given as gifts to their hospital Board members, doctors, and staff. It was such a treat to be a part of their efforts to gift local holiday items to important members of the hospital. This delivery took our mini van and the gracious help our our neighbor, "Grandpa" Bob to get them their in one drive. We made it happen!

The inspiration for Basket Case came during the planning of our own wedding in 2017. This last year we had requests to create our first wedding gift baskets. This one was given from friends of ours to her cousin and new husband on their wedding day. It brought true happiness to us sharing local Galena goods with a bride and groom to share on their wedding day and beyond! Now as we look ahead into 2023, we have futures brides and grooms reaching out to create custom gift baskets for their guests. We can't wait to see what these will look like and share them with all of you!

From corporate gift-giving to birthdays, weddings, and every day occasions, Basket Case is here to take the stress out of finding the perfect gift and instead making it a fun, creative process you'll enjoy! Let us know how we can help you this year send gifts that will be remembered while supporting small businesses across the country!


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