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Make it the Thought that Counts

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

There shouldn't need to be a holiday or special occasion to let someone know you care. Think back to the last time you received a simple greeting card in the mail or a package from a friend you weren't expecting.

How did that make you feel? Did it come on a day when you couldn't have needed it more? Those 'just because' gifts and sentiments stick with us longer than the ninety dollar sweater on Christmas or wilted roses on Valentine's Day. Why? It's because someone took time out of their schedule to hand-pick something and get it to you at a time when a calendar wasn't reminding them of a date. It was done simply out of the kindness and generosity in their heart.

The businesses we are partnering with at Basket Case have their own unique products each with their own story. Deciding which to included in our baskets and packages is a thoughtful process because we want them to compliment one another and create a new experience as an entire gift. We hope to be part of a new, happy memory when someone opens a Basket Case gift basket.

That memory you have when you opened the 'just because' package likely involves different senses and emotions you can still recall. Basket Case will offer you a chance to give or receive that feeling again when the package is opened and with each use of what's inside! Our 'It's Gunna Be A Good Day' Basket was prepared with this thought in mind. We have paired flavors, scents, and a cheerful coffee mug to brighten any morning.

Think of waking up to the basket pictured on the left on your doorstep left by a neighbor thanking you for caring for their garden while they were gone or sending it to a best friend starting a new job as a good luck gesture. Once again we come back to the notion that sometimes (or in our opinion all the time) the best gifts are the ones we never saw coming. Part of our mission at Basket Case is to reinvoke the spirit of putting thought back into gifting with us simplifying that process for you. We want the person who received the gift to to be taken back to that 'just because' moment each time they light their Good Morning Cappuccino candle from Scent Workshop Galena or "mmm" to themselves when they bite into morning toast smothered with Chef Ivo's Cherry Butter from Galena Canning Co.

As we look forward to launching our online shop in August 2021, we are excited to share the custom baskets we've prepared bringing you items we hope will become your first thought when gifting throughout the year. Ahead of being able to allow us to help you with these gifting needs, take a moment to pull out a card and send a note in the mail to someone you know could benefit from hearing from you. Make it a point to think of others and put thought into what you're giving instead of waiting for a calendar date to tell let you know it's time.

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Aug 02, 2021

I love this—it’s so true that an unexpected gift can lift a person’s soul, brighten their day, or bring a smile to their face when they needed it most. Can’t wait to shop with you—I already know to whom the first two baskets I order are going!! :)

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