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Scent Workshop Galena: A Business Worth Sniffing Out in Galena!

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

This past spring when I was ready to start creating partnerships for Basket Case I knew Brianne had to be one of the first people I reached out to. From the moment I was gifted one of her candles from Scent Workshop Galena by my Dad for Christmas last year, I was in love with their collection of products. When I found out you are able to create your own scents, I was hooked. There's no doubt you will be too once you make time to stop into Scent Workshop Galena on your next Main Street stroll.

The choice to include products from Scent Workshop appealed to us because of the opportunity the shop brings combining an experience with top-quality products. There is something irreplaceable about how a certain smell can bring back a memory. During the workshop, customers get the chance to recreate a familiar smell by combining a variety of bottled scents into a candle, perfume, or cologne. The combinations seem endless when you get into the shop and see the wall of shelves lined with bottles to sniff and sample. This process of creating your own scent is a learning experience as well if you didn't previously know all about how layers of scents work in products like perfume.

Brianne guides you through the process of selecting and layering scents so you don't feel overwhelmed. When doing the workshop with a good friend to create our own Basket Case candle scent, My Happy Place, I couldn't help but feel relaxed and in a great mood experimenting and creating in such a bright, enjoyable atmosphere.

She doesn't stop at just offering the Scent Workshop experience. Brianne has created other local partnerships to bring a collaboration of flavors and ideas together. One example is the French Perfumes & Pastries Workshop which gives participants handmade French pastries to enjoy from Bread & Vine while creating a custom, 1 oz spray perfume or cologne. I actually gifted my parents this workshop as a thank you for all they do for my husband and me helping with our two little ones. Needless to they had a blast during this local date day!

I want to sign off on this blog post by congratulating Brianne and the team at Scent Workshop Galena for the hard work they've put in the last year to earn their reputation as one of Galena's new favorite businesses. In addition to congratulations, thank you to Brianne, for embracing our Basket Case concept and being a part of our businesses' mission to connect customers with unique products from small businesses in Galena and across the country! Cheers to many more years of success to Scent Workshop! Do your part to #shopsmallandgivebig by purchasing one of our gift baskets that include a Scent Workshop item or stopping in to shop and experience them for yourself when you are in Galena!


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