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We get small business because we are a small business. With over 15 years of helping small business owners across the United States establish digital marketing strategies, Basket Case is your neighbor and partner in reviewing, prioritizing and strategizing what comes next for your business.

Before you jump into your social media, blast out email campaigns, or embark on a rebrand, you need to embrace the Basket Case mindset. As a business owner, it will never end, but it could be much easier.  Christine Melaas, Owner and Founder of Basket Case, will work with you to evaluate where you've been, where you are, and where you want to go. Once a plan is in place, you'll be introduced to our Basket Case partners who will work alongside you to support your business plan and goals.

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the story

While working with small business as a co-founder and Director of a social media agency for seven years, and now with Basket Case gift baskets, Christine has found a parallel of the two worlds. She has combined her knowledge and skills in marketing small business and running one with her passion for supporting them as a consumer and small business owner. She is on a mission to help small business succeed in a big way.

Our Services

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Social Media for Small Business
6-week online course

You know there is value in social media as a small business owner or entrepreneur. You do not know how to leverage it's tools to make a true impact on your brand. Why? You don't have the time or expertise. In this 6-week course, Christine Melaas shares exactly what she has implemented for 100+ small businesses and how you can do it too without paying monthly for an ongoing agency. 


One-on-One Consulting

You're a dreamer and a doer. But sometimes the in between can be a bit messy if you're unsure of the best tools and strategy to use as an action plan. You'll sit down with Christine to discuss where you've been, where you are in your plan and where you want to go. She'll take this information to create a business and marketing strategy that aligns with your vision and connect you with the people to help you make it happen.


Social Media Strategy

As a former co-founder and Director of a social media agency, and a certified social media strategist through the National Institute for Social Media, Christine Melaas understands that before you start posting you need a true plan. After reviewing answers you provide on a questionnaire and conducting an analysis of your business and social media, she will create a social media strategy for you to implement right away.

Our Process

We will review the business assets you have in place and discuss goals, to create a comprehensive plan which will intertwine all aspects of your small business. 


Once a clear review and discussion (or three) has been had about your business and marketing plan, we get to work on a definitive strategy. This will outline the necessary steps, partners, and pieces needed to support your plan.

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Now it's time to introduce you to the right business partners. Based on where you're at in your journey and budget, we'll get you set up with the experts you have been seeking out.

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