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Top 5 reasons to give a Basket Case

As long as I can remember I have loved giving gifts; especially ones that are unique. There is something so delightful when you give someone a gift and they love it, yet it was nothing they ever knew to ask to be given. Over the last 8 months, Basket Case has delivered gift baskets from East to West across the country sending small business goods to deserving recipients. It is a privilege to read an order and see the caring message included in a basket. Not only are we saving our customers time by shopping for them and creating the gift baskets, but we are spreading awareness of small businesses to those who may have never come to experience their goods.

These five reasons have quickly become the top gift basket categories we prepare and deliver. Basket Case will be adding even more product categories in the coming months to give your even more reasons to send a Basket Case. Hopefully the below inspire you to build your basket or shop our themed baskets to #shopsmallgivebig with Basket Case!



3. JOY




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